Talking computers were once a concept limited to our imaginations and to science fiction movies, but they are now becoming an everyday reality. We are now seeing rapid proliferation of AI- and Voice-powered assistants.

Developments in AI, speech recognition, and natural language processing have made it possible for us to use our most human tool – our voice – to interact with the most sophisticated machines.


Voice Tech has the potential to redefine the way we live, as a wealth of information and a wide range of functionalities is just one “Ok, Google...” away.

The Smart Living Hackathon invited tech enthusiasts to come invent the future and create solutions that would transform the way we live, with StarHub, OCBC, SPH, and the Google Assistant!


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Integration of Voice Tech into our homes to
enhance the way we live and play.

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Voice Tech to help us get things done
faster, easier, and more efficiently.

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